Mara Levi​~​What Are You?

by Mara Levi

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Mara Levi (Mah' ruh Lee' vee) is the one-night stand Elvis Costello and Liz Phair never had—an amalgamation of bluegrass, folk, pop, and jazz, trimmed in a faux hawk and studded with a diamond-sharp wit. "What Are You?," her second solo CD, is intentionally eclectic and directly confronts the notion that anyone can be easily defined, or that people should be expected to have an answer to the question, "What Are You?"

Mara recorded every track on the album from her home in DC, using only instruments that she could play herself. The result is an album that sounds less like top-40 radio, and more like a reflection of Mara's varied musical interests. Many of the background vocals were arranged to mimic vocal groups from the '40s and '50s; bass parts run the gamut from simple bluegrass to actual countermelodies; improvised trumpet and vocal parts join open voicings of common chords to add elements of jazz; one song takes its structure and background vocals directly from Johannes Brahms; old and new voicings and sounds combine to give the album a complex and very human range and diversity.


released March 24, 2007

Mara Levi



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Track Name: Mara Levi~Homo Song
The Homo Song
By Mara Levi

Dear old Mrs. So and So,
I thought I'd call and let you know
Your daughter is a big HOMO
And she's lying next to me

She came here of her own volition
No doubt wasting her tuition
Still it's true and now you're wishin'
She weren't here with me

She's been acting out this way
Since long before the fateful day
I brought her home so she could stay
Lying next to me

No matter how you sulk and fret
It's only girls that make her wet
And since it's true, well you can bet
She's lying next to me

Dear old Mr.. So and So,
I thought I'd call and let you know
Your daughter is a big HOMO
And she's lying next to me

She loves you still, she always will
But you can't fix her with a pill
Or try to take away the thrill
Of lying next to me

She wants your love and your respect
But if you push, she'll push right back
'Cause she's got friends and you've got JACK
If you don't let her be

For the apple of your eye
There must be something you can try
'Cause I can't stand to see her cry
Lying next to me

Dear old Mrs. So and So,
Just call her up and let her know
She can be a big HOMO
And you'll still love her so.
Track Name: Sing to the Moon
"The pleasure is mine
But, baby, in time
I will wither and wander away."
Track Name: Let Me
"Take these moments and let me love you."